Acrylic Phone Display Shelf on The Applications

Acrylic Display Shelves is widely used in all kinds of consumer electronics stores, product exhibition, exposition of production (sample) products display cabinets, electronic digital store tank, such as mobile phone shop, anti-theft installation, effective protection of various digital products, electronic gifts such as mobile phones, MP3, MP4, headphones and other small electronic displays, and high-end gifts, jewelry, etc., to guard against loss. Acrylic phone display rack is convenient, you only need to show paste, screws in displaying ark, will display and mobile phone use 3 m glue can be fixed.

1. Transparency:
Imported acrylic is strict raw material selected, with modern production technology, advanced formula to ensure that the light transmittance of plank and pure white, glittering and translucent get rid of after laser polishing. Imported acrylic colorless transparent, transparency, more than 95%, no yellow reflective.
2. Hardness:
Hardness is the most can reflect casting acrylic, one of the production process and technical parameters is an important part in the quality control. Hardness reflect the purity of raw materials of MMA, high sheet resistance to weathering and sexual abuse. Whether hardness directly affect the plate bending deformation of shrinkage. When machining surface will appear crack, and so on and so forth, is one of the symbols of judging yakeli board quality stand or fall hard. An average of approximately 89 degrees Fahrenheit. During the second world war because of the yakeli excellent tenacity and pervious to light, first of all, be used in aircraft windshield, tank driver cabin view mirror.
3. Glossiness:
Imported raw materials, soft luster, reflective effect is good, with stores lighting, high quality.
4. The thickness tolerance:
Thickness tolerance control room the important of quality management and production technology and imported raw materials casting acrylic sheet thickness tolerance control within + 0.2 mm.
5. Non-toxic environmental protection:
Human exposure harmless, avirulent environmental protection material, fish burns gas does not contain toxic elements.

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