Display Cases for Models, Memorabilia, Antiques and Collectibles!

Model display cases, cabinets and showcases are becoming increasingly popular, mainly due to the need to protect precious or delicate items from dust and inquisitive fingers. But the added advantage to an acrylic display case is the fact that it will also protect your collectibles and autographed sports memorabilia from the damaging UV light as well, our acrylic will block over 90% of UV light. We have quite a few different styles of model display cabinets, below is a brief outline of the different styles available, more details can be found on our display case page
We service
1.Custom sized acrylic display cases
2.Custom jewelry display case
3.Custom acrylic display shelves
4.Custom acrylic display rack
5.Custom plastic display boxes
6.Custom plastic display stands
7.Custom Lockable show cases
8.Custom brochure holder
9.Custom magazine rack
10.Custom acrylic pedestal

We are bound to have the perfect acrylic display case for you.

Our range includes all of the popular sizes for sports and movie memorabilia, as well as the most popular model scales, as stock sizes that are available off the shelf for next day shipping.

We aim to ship all in stock orders the next business day. In addition to all of the different sizes we supply as standard, there are also several different styles available, including the traditional wooden base option, a basic acrylic base option and also the modern design, which includes stylish stainless steel corner supports. All are available without a base as well.

Worldwide Shipping

We are experts when it comes to packing display cases, for this reason we are happy to ship our display cases worldwide, if your country isn't on the list of countries we ship to then please contact us to see if it can be added.

Customer Service

Our customer service is second to none in the business and the product quality is superb, just browse through the site and read some of our reviews, or look at our Trustpilot page.

To prove our commitment to high quality customer satisfaction we have signed up with Trustpilot, every-time you order from us you will receive an email from Trustpilot inviting you to leave a review and rating, these are totally independent and we have no control over them, have a look at our ratings to see that we can be trusted with your order. This website has been designed to be as easy as possible to use, but if you have any problems please use the help menu below, or contact us, we are here to help. If you can't find the right product for your displayed item then contact us at the email address above and we will try to help, even if we cant make it we may know of a company that can, or we can direct you on better search terms to use to find it on Google.

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