Fashion Girls Tell You How to Storage Your Cosmetics

As a fashion girl, you must owned various of cosmetics like lipsticks, nail polishes, blushers, eyebrow pencils and so on. How to storage these cosmetic and get a neat space is very important. Acrylic Display Cases and storage manufacturer gives you some tips:
Use acrylic cosmetic makeup storage box
A clear acrylic makeup storage box with several tiers is essential to everyone. Classify the cosmetics first, and then calculate how many tiers or acrylic storage boxes you needed. Different cosmetics can be put in different tiers. That you can find whatever cosmetics you need easily. What’s more,acrylic storage box can be dust prevention, keep your cosmetics in a clean situation. If placing pots of plants aside, countertop looks more beautiful.
Use acrylic cosmetics rack
For some tabletops with limited space, try a 2-tier acrylic cosmetic rack. The top tier and bottem tier can both be used to store or display lipsticks or nail polish. For the rest of cosmetics, try to store in a drawer. Once classify and store all your cosmetics,you would find the countertop larger than before.
Full use drawers of your dressing table
It would be perfect if your dressing table with drawers. You might think that the drawer spare is hard to full utilized. But why not order some acrylic drawer organizer?Different sizes of drawer organizer keep your drawers neat and clutter free.
Don’t forget the wall mounted acrylic rack
If you used to finish makeup at washstand, why not think about hang all your cosmetics on the wall of cabinet? Take the measure of the wall size, and design your own acrylic rack. Haveli Display offer customized acrylic display or storage solution.

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